Healthy Eating

5 People in Your Life Who Need Meal in a Jar

We’ve extolled the virtues of Meal in a Jar many times before - and if you’re a customer, you know why. The convenience, the benefits of eating well, the delicious meal options...we could go on. You might say we’re like kittens, or Beyonce...easy to love. (But unlike a world famous pop music superstar, we’ll show up at your house anytime you want.) If you’ve just discovered Meal in a Jar and aren’t sure if it’s right for you, let us help. Are you one of these people? Do you KNOW one of these people? If so, get ready to place...

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Eat Well, No Matter What

If you ask us who Meal in a Jar is made for, we could answer a few ways. We might say busy professionals with minimal free time, those who care about healthy eating, or any person who wants healthy, delicious food on the go. We might describe someone who hates cooking but loves good food, or someone wants the convenience of take-out without the grease and regret. We might just say ‘you’ - because really, our meals are for everyone. Seriously! We’ve designed our menu to work for anybody, regardless of lifestyle, food preferences or restrictions. Let’s take a look...

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The Gift of Salad

As it turns CAN win friends with salad. When you think about the perfect gift, do you ever think about salad? We’re going to wager that the answer is no, but seriously - let’s stop for a minute and give it some thought. Salad is amazing. It’s nutritious, versatile and delicious, and with Meal in a Jar, it’s insanely convenient. Maybe you’ve ordered our products for yourself or bought them in store, but have you ever considered giving them as a gift? It may seem unconventional, but trust us - there are times that call for something more practical...

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