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Healthy Meal Plan for Busy Families

Why do we shy away from making healthy meal plans for ourselves? Most of us don’t identify as “chefs,” but we still need to cook for the whole family—or at least make it straightforward for the person who does! That’s where meal plans come in—and it should go without saying that they need to be healthy. This is your lifestyle we’re talking about! It should have at least three meals listed per day and a few smaller snack in between that will fit your schedule and needs.  Put a little bit of thought into how you can make this work for you: - Do I have enough time to make these, or do I need more meals to go?- Do...

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Meal In A Jar Recipe: Meet What’s Shakin Bacon

Hey, I’m What’s Shakin Bacon! I’m the low-carb, high-fat meal you’ve been looking for to shake up your healthy lifestyle.   Get To Know Me Type: Fat and creamy. I’m filled with only the good finds of fat though, and yes, bacon fat is actually very good for you! Best Friends: Peas, corn, bell pepper, and spinach. This squad always ensures you are balanced and high on vitamins. Personality: Classic and creamy. Some say I'm like a chicken pot pie.Hobbies: Improving the system by keeping the body healthy!With these filling ingredients you know you’re going to satisfy your creamy bacon and chicken cravings that will keep you wanting more. With a perfect balance of fat, protein, and vegetable servings, you’ll be feeling energized!How’s...

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