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Meal In A Jar Recipe: Meet What’s Shakin Bacon

Hey, I’m What’s Shakin Bacon! I’m the low-carb, high-fat meal you’ve been looking for to shake up your healthy lifestyle.   Get To Know Me Type: Fat and creamy. I’m filled with only the good finds of fat though, and yes, bacon fat is actually very good for you! Best Friends: Peas, corn, bell pepper, and spinach. This squad always ensures you are balanced and high on vitamins. Personality: Classic and creamy. Some say I'm like a chicken pot pie.Hobbies: Improving the system by keeping the body healthy!With these filling ingredients you know you’re going to satisfy your creamy bacon and chicken cravings that will keep you wanting more. With a perfect balance of fat, protein, and vegetable servings, you’ll be feeling energized!How’s...

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Food For Thought: Easy Meals That Are Fresh, Not Frozen

What if we could stay healthy without sacrificing half of our days to cooking?Life is busy, and we need easy meals to make it all work. We tend to live by those words as if the clock has the final say on our lifestyle, and, frankly, we all deserve a nice lasagna at the end of the day anyway. I know we all cut a few corners to make things easier on ourselves, like freezing ingredients for making meals later—but there is a hidden price to that lifestyle: Frozen food lose vitamins during the freezing process. Frozen foods lose even more nutrients in the cooking process. Boiling veggies strips them of nutrients more than anything. It still takes 20-30 minutes...

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