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Meal In A Jar Recipe: Meet What’s Shakin Bacon

Hey, I’m What’s Shakin Bacon! I’m the low-carb, high-fat meal you’ve been looking for to shake up your healthy lifestyle.   Get To Know Me Type: Fat and creamy. I’m filled with only the good finds of fat though, and yes, bacon fat is actually very good for you! Best Friends: Peas, corn, bell pepper, and spinach. This squad always ensures you are balanced and high on vitamins. Personality: Classic and creamy. Some say I'm like a chicken pot pie.Hobbies: Improving the system by keeping the body healthy!With these filling ingredients you know you’re going to satisfy your creamy bacon and chicken cravings that will keep you wanting more. With a perfect balance of fat, protein, and vegetable servings, you’ll be feeling energized!How’s...

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