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Healthy Late Night Snacks to Feed Your Night Owl

It’s late at night and you’ve already had dinner, but now you can hear your stomach grumbling over your show. If you’re like most of us, you've heard that you shouldn’t eat after a certain time because your body doesn’t digest late night snacks properly. Well, what if we told you that you could eat late at night?  Your body doesn’t stop digesting food when it goes to sleep, but it does slow down. So you can still have healthy late night snacks, as long as they're reasonable.  Don't worry, we’re going to help you get through those night owl...

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Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Loss Aspirations

Trying to feel better, fit into that new summer outfit you want to wear this year, or just trying to manage your weight and health?ou’re not alone. You’re not alone. Eating better is the first step toward weight loss—we all know that, and dieting is ineffective. The concept of losing weight by starving yourself has been disproven several times. Instead of chasing the latest fad, we've put together a fun and healthy meal plan to get you started. Whether you’re a  9-5 grinder, a stay-at-home parent, or doing shift work, tasty options are easier to find than you'd think. Meal Prep...

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healthy meal plan for busy families

Why do we shy away from making healthy meal plans for ourselves? Most of us don’t identify as “chefs,” but we still need to cook for the whole family—or at least make it straightforward for the person who does! That’s where meal plans come in—and it should go without saying that they need to be healthy. This is your lifestyle we’re talking about! It should have at least three meals listed per day and a few smaller snack in between that will fit your schedule and needs.  Put a little bit of thought into how you can make this work...

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