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The Convenience of Meal in a Jar for Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services are becoming more and more popular as people seek convenient and healthy meal options. Meal in a Jar is a great option for meal delivery services as it is easy to transport, keeps well in the fridge or freezer (only our Soup), and can be ordered to suit individual taste preferences.

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Healthy Eating Guide: 8 Ways to Get 9 Servings of Fruit

Fruits and vegetables get a bad rap when we fixate on making quick meals, but they’re actually the best possible food for your body—and you can prepare them in no time. Getting 2.5 cups of them into your system every day isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds  Add an Apple to Breakfast This one’s easy for quick meals in the morning! All you have to do is add one piece of fruit to your morning meal. What do you normally eat? Eggs? Toast? Cereal? It doesn’t matter—just add something to complement the protein your body’s getting from the main course.  The classic choice is the apple. While we prefer to slice our apples to be snackable with a side...

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