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How to Spice Up Your Holiday Party

The festivities are upon us! Which means you’re probably about to spend a ton of money buying holiday decor for all those Christmas parties you’re going to throw. Now you have two options: Option 1: Say, f$#% it, bite the bullet and spend money on buying said decor (hi Kim Kardashian), or... Option 2: Spend some time with friends and family by creating DIY holiday decor! How? Well, read below for some ideas! And don’t worry. We know that you don’t have hours to spend making paper mache ornaments. So we’ve curated a list of small DIY projects that’ll take you under 15 min to complete!   Sweet Cinnamon Candles   Add a little spice to your home by topping up your...

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***king Doesn't Need to Be a Bad Word

Obviously, we are talking about cooking here. We get it, our message is always about skipping grocery shopping and skipping cooking blah blah blah. But sometimes you have to cook. If you dread cooking or always end up burning water when you try to boil it, no worries, we have your back. Cooking class is in session, Meal in a Jar Style.  Festive Fajitas   Grab yourself a Cowboy Casserole or Naked Beef Burrito jar and two fajita wraps. Shake up those jars and put the contents on the wraps.  If you want to know how to wrap a perfect fajita check out this tutorial Then pan fry your nicely wrapped fajita for 3 minutes per side on low/medium heat to...

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