SHAKING UP THE WAY YOU EAT is easy with Meal in a Jar. Our meal prep program is tailored specifically to your needs, starting at only $39.96 a week.

Our meal plans are commitment free. Our job is to provide you with tasty and healthy meals to simplify your everyday life. You have full control of your subscription. The duration, shipment date and meal selection is up to you.

How to Meal Plan

Step 1

Select a meal plan that works with your lifestyle.

Step 2

Select the meals you would like in your first shipment.

Step 3

Select a delivery/pick-up date.


* For your second shipment, you will have 24 hours after you are notified via email to change your meals and/or delivery/pickup date. The order forms and shipment schedule can be found in your subscription account. If we do not receive your form, your initial order will be repeated and ready for delivery.
For example, If you choose Monday for your first shipment your second order will be ready the following Monday unless altered in your account.
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