Meal In A Jar, we believe in providing our customers with the freshest, healthiest and heartiest alternatives to every day fast food and meal prep services. 

Like any food business, our story begins in a kitchen, in this case Irene's kitchen. In a rush to prepare a quick, healthy, and on the go meal for her family, Irene utilized a couple mason jars that were lying around to create lunch for her daughters to take with them. Before they ran out the door with the meals, Irene snapped a quick picture of the jars and posted them on Facebook. Soon she started receiving messages about where she got them. When Irene mentioned she made them herself, people began asking if she could make 5 to 6 meals for them for the week. This led Irene to create a Facebook page for her product and Meal in a Jar was born. 

Since that day in 2012, Meal in a Jar still operates with the same goal. To make your life easier by giving you access to clean, nutritious and tasty food that is thoughtfully sourced. We take the headache out of grocery shopping, cooking. and doing the dishes. We are the nutritious, tasty, and convenient way to meal prep. Our on the go meals have become a staple for busy families who are running around from hockey practice to dance class. As well as business leaders in the KW community who are set on leaving their mark on the tech industry. Students and young professionals who are on the go and don't want to sacrifice eating healthy just for convenience love our jars. 
Our seasonal menu offers nutritious, delicious and carefully curated “on-the-go” meals that are re-defining how engaged, food-loving trendsetters and active, health-conscious meal seekers get a full balanced meal of protein, carbs and vegetables under 500 calories.

With no added preservatives, gluten and dairy free offerings and using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, each of our jars promises a flavourful, filling meal perfect for any lifestyle at any time of the day. You can have our jars shipped to your home or office and we also offer pickup from one of our pickup hubs. 


You can download our Menu here: Our Menu