The Jars

How long are the jars good for?

They have a 7 day refrigerated shelf life upon delivery/pickup. 

What type of meals are available? 

We have an offering of chicken, beef, pork, tuna and vegetarian jars.

Are any of the jars gluten and/or diary free?

The majority of the jars are gluten and dairy free, each jar has a list of its ingredients and macros listed on it page. If you have any dietary concerns you can double check the ingredients there.

What do I do with the jars after? 

If you are on a meal plan, the jar can be exchanged when you receive your next order. They can also be reused or recycled.

Do you deliver? 

Yes we do! To see if you are eligible for delivery, input your postal code into the delivery/pickup selector. We offer delivery in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and limited in Toronto 

What are the delivery times? 

Is there a delivery fee? 

Yes there is, we charge $8 dollars per order ($11 for Toronto). Alternatively you can choose one of our pickup hubs for free. 

Where are the Pickup Hubs located? 

Here is a list of our current pickup hubs 

Do you sell single jars in any retail locations?

Yes we do! Check out the list of our retail partners HERE

Meal Plans

How long do the meal plans last?

The meal plans are commitment free. Your plan lasts as long as you want it to. 

Can I change my jar selection for my next shipment? 

Yes you can! In your account you can manage your subscription. Simply click on your corresponding meal plan to fill out the form. 

I am going on vacation, can I skip a week? 

Yes you can! In your subscription account you can skip a week or two by changing your next shipment date. 

I normally get my food on Mondays, but I would like to get them on Sundays moving forward, is that possible?

Yes you can, in your subscription account you can change your delivery/pickup date. 

I am on a 6 meals a week plan but I want to upgrade, is that possible? 

Yes it is! In your account you can your new plan and remove your current one. Just remember to send us a form with your new meal selection. If we do not receive an order form, we will double up on jars from your previous order.  

How to manage your account

View your order history 

Click here to manage your subscription 

Change your meal selection for your next shipment 

Edit your account properties or stop your plan 

Edit your account details (postpone shipment, billing info, and shipping info) 


 How to view your Jar Bucks balance 

 How to redeem your Jar Bucks 

Meal Plan subscribers, claim the Meal Plan specific discount codes. 


Login to your account and click manage my account, then enter your discount code in box.