Pick Up My Meal

Your meal will be refrigerated until you pick it up.


Kitchener and Waterloo (Drop off Monday, Thursday, Sunday) 

Waterloo - Meal in a Jar HQ
96 Rankin Street, #101 Waterloo N2V2B6
Kitchener - Little Short Stop 1020
501 Krug St, Kitchener N2B1L3
Waterloo - Little Short Stop 3010
242 King Street N, Waterloo N2J2Y7

Kitchener - Little Short Stop 1010
1450 Block Line Rd, Kitchener N2C0A5

Waterloo - Little Short Stop 3050
55 Northfield Drive, Waterloo N2K3T6


Cambridge and Guelph (Drop off Monday)

Cambridge - Little Short Stop 4090
301 Water Street S, Cambridge N1R5S6
Guelph - Little Short Stop 2030
666 Woolwich Street, Guelph N1H7G5

Cambridge - Little Short Stop 4110
900 Jamieson Parkway, Cambridge N3C4N6

Guelph - Little Short Stop 2050
494 York Rd, Guelph N1E3J4
Guelph - Little Short Stop 2070
113 Silvercreek Parkway, Guelph N1H3T3


Any questions of pick up hub, please contact us info@mealinajar.com