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How to Spice Up Your Holiday Party

The festivities are upon us! Which means you’re probably about to spend a ton of money buying holiday decor for all those Christmas parties you’re going to throw. Now you have two options: Option 1: Say, f$#% it, bite the bullet and spend money on buying said decor (hi Kim Kardashian), or... Option 2: Spend some time with friends and family by creating DIY holiday decor! How? Well, read below for some ideas! And don’t worry. We know that you don’t have hours to spend making paper mache ornaments. So we’ve curated a list of small DIY projects that’ll take you under 15 min to complete!   Sweet Cinnamon Candles   Add a little spice to your home by topping up your...

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Enjoy Festive Meals (while staying fit!)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Bring on the turkey and candied cranberries! Oh, and don’t forget the hot apple cider, spiced up with some cinnamon sticks. Now we are all aware how this dance is going to play out. We get invited to 10 different Christmas dinners and get hyped up over all those delicious festive meals. And then we get the Itis. That sleepy feeling of lethargy after eating a huge but satisfying meal? Yep, that’s Itis, my friend. And then we see the aftermath. You know what I’m talking about. Those extra pounds that crept out of nowhere! But fear not. We’ve compiled a list of easy ways to stay fit while indulging in healthy...

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